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NUMC Church History

Undocumented local history states that the first deed for a Methodist Church in Nash County was issued in 1812 when George Sutton sold a plot for a church in Nashville.  The location is not definitely known, but is thought to be the Empress Boddie lot at the intersection of Washington and Collins Streets.  This church was used for holding religious services some 50 years before being destroyed by fire.


The history of the Nashville United Methodist Church is a success story in every sense of the word.  It has come from a small beginning to the dynamic church which it is today. 



Detailed Information

For interesting and informative historical information dating back to 1858, please view our Church History documentation. We also have a listing of ministers that have served our congregation. Photographs of several of these ministers our displayed in our church.

If you have additional facts about our church that you would like included in our historical documentation, please contact our office at 252-459-7178 or e-mail link below.

Let us continue to join our hands, our hearts and our minds with Him to grow in the knowledge of and service for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.