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Love the relationship developed with the families from Belarus. Learning about their way of living.

American Belarussian Relief Organization

The Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded in 1986. Radiation is still present in Belarus. ABRO Nash brings as many kids as host families are available to the Nash County area for 6 weeks.

Special Skills: Open heart, open home, love of children, and support from your church family. The most important role of the host family is to provide the visiting child with day to day care, a loving, and stable environment. They will need wholesome food, fresh clean air, and love.

Time Commitment: Each host family commits for 6 weeks during the summer. Others can volunteer helping with excursions, clothing, and or cash donations. Some of the children come from very poor families.

Training: Back ground check is needed through NUMC for each member of the host family. A Summer Program Host Family Handbook is available for those interested.

Financial Commitment: Money is needed for the child's VISA, plane tickets, clothing, or cash to provide for needs while here.

Organization Link: ABRO Facebook Page

Contact: Mary Lou Braswell

Compassion Cafe

Compassion Cafe

Compassion Cafe is a ministry supported by approximately twenty churches in the Nashville area. Volunteers at these churches create teams who prepare a meal once a month to serve at the cafe, which is located on the corner of Church and Collins Streets, behind the main Nashville UMC building. The purpose of this ministry is not only to feed the body of those in need, but to feed the soul by offering fellowship and a daily devotion.

This is a wonderful outreach ministry to our community and also highlights unity and collaboration among churches in our area and is a shining example of how God works through those who pursue his purpose.

Time: During COVID-19, we will be serving on a limited basis, take-out only, from 11:30am-12:30pm at the bus garage.

Financial Commitment: No financial commitment is required. Some volunteers purchase or prepare food. Others volunteer their time. We have opportunities for anyone that wants to help.

Contact: Ellen Ward

La Estrella

We began volunteering at LaEstrella about 8 years ago. Working with, loving on, and watching these children grow in body, mind, and spirit has been absolute joy. The connection we have and the love we share with the children and their families has enriched our lives immeasurably. - Dennis & Kay Coggins

LaEstrella Resplandeciente (The Shining Star)

La Estrella provides an intentional and personal approach to spiritual formation in an unique environment by celebrating the gift of God’s diversity and creation in every person, by helping youth recognize their worth and place in the Kingdom of God, and by having a lot of fun!

Special Skills: A love for God and children and a willingness to serve.

Time Commitment: Saturday mornings from 10am-1pm, when available. Weekly attendance isn't required, but good for developing relationships with the children.

Length of Commitment: Any Saturday throughout the school year with possibilities of summer camps.

Training: Safe sanctuaries is suggested if offered at volunteers’ church

Financial Commitment: None

Organization Link: La Estrella website

Contact: Dennis or Kay Coggins

One Day with God

The One Day with God camp changed my life! God called me to step outside of my comfort zone to serve as a Child Mentor, and I am so glad He did! There was something so special about witnessing God's love for everyone in that room. It was an indescribable feeling to see children building bonds with their fathers, fathers smiling to just have the precious gift of time with their children, and seeing God change lives in such a big way! God moved mountains that day. I saw grown men give their lives to Jesus, heard the laughter of children, and for one brief moment in time, life seemed to stand still for these families. Personally, I am a better person for having obeyed God's calling to serve in this area. The prison no longer seems like a scary taboo place, but a place where there is hurt and real pain. We as a community can encourage these families with service and prayer! This is the scripture that weighs on my heart as I reflect on that day! 1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to service others as faithful stewards of God's Grace in various forms. Melissa Sykes

One Day with God - Forgiven Ministries

Camps began with a vision of one day inside prison walls where parent and child could reconcile with one another and spend time together with God-anointed mentors working beside them. It is a divinely appointed time for both child and inmate in which both can experience the love of God and find forgiveness and reconciliation. if one child could have a Christ-centered Mom or Dad return home from prison, there would be a joyous change in that home forever, and it could change the path that child takes in life.

Special Skills: Willingness to serve, an open and caring heart. This program is very unique because it offers the opportunity for almost everyone to serve. Volunteers are needed in many areas ranging from helping with the Caregivers program and face painting for the children at the church or going inside the prion as a child mentor, serving lunch and snacks, crafts, staffing the prayer room, providing music, helping with games or being a floater to help where needed during the day. No matter where you are assigned to serve, you are sure to be blessed.

Time Commitment: A few minutes to complete and submit your Forgiven Ministry volunteer application and NCDPS background check form. Also 1 1/2 hour training session two days prior to the camp, and 8 hours on camp day.

Length of Commitment: Usually once a year for NUMC and Nash Correction. However, trained volunteers can volunteer at other locations in NC if they feel led to do so. A volunteer application and background check form is required for each additional camp you wish to volunteer for.

Training: Training is provided at the church the Thursday evening prior to the Saturday camp. You MUST attend training (provided by Forgiven Ministry) and pass a background check (conducted by NC Dept. of Public Safety) to be able to enter the prison.

Financial & Fundraising Commitment: Zero! If you feel led to, you can choose to sponsor a child for the camp with a tax-deductible donation to Forgiven Ministry. Donations are totally voluntary.

Organization Link: www.ForgivenMinistry.org

Contact: Elaine Beal

Serve Nashville

"As followers of Jesus we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. One of the ways that we show the love of Christ to our neighbors is by serving them. This ministry will serve our neighbors by meeting their needs and by showing them the love of Christ. Please support this ministry with your prayers, presence, gifts and service." Pastor Scott Dodson

Serve Nashville

Serve Nashville is a ministry designed to create opportunities to share the Gospel of Salvation to people in and around our community through acts of service. It is our desire to serve in whatever capacity fulfills a need for someone whether it is raking leaves or repairing a leaky roof. These acts of service will present opportunities to share the Gospel, similar to how Jesus carried out his ministry on earth.

Special Skills: Serve Nashville is for everyone! Some opportunities will be great for family participation, while others may require particular skills. You will have the opportunity to volunteer for particular needs based on your individual skill set and how the Lord is leading you to be involved.

Time Commitment: Your service will be requested on a "per need" basis. The goal of this ministry is to cultivate a mindset of continual service for our church and in our community living into the Christian lifestyle that is described in the Bible. No specific time is required, we ask that you be willing to serve when needs arise.

Length of Commitment: The length of your commitment to serve is eternal just as your salvation is eternal. Serving your community is part of the lifestyle Christ intended for us not only for specific events.

Training: Ultimately our goal is to share the Gospel with the world (both believers and non believers). We ask that you know and understand the Gospel and be willing and able to share this message. Some particular needs will require little to no skills while others will require much more. No specific training is required to volunteer, however you may find that some opportunities are not something that you are capable of - and that is OK!

Financial & Fundraising Commitment: No financial or fundriasing commitment is required, but donations for the service projects will be accepted.

Contact: Andrew Stocks