Below is a list of questions and answers to help us navigate through this season of worship services.

Q: Will live streaming continue? A: Yes. The 9:30am service will continue to be live streamed.

Q: Are masks required? A: Masks are not required, but you may wear them if you wish.

Q: Will social distancing take place? A: Chairs will be set up for appropriate social distancing to take place in Braswell Hall. We will ask the congregation to spread out for social distancing to occur in the Sanctuary.

Q: Will attendance be limited at each service? A: Yes. We will limit attendance to allow for safe social distancing. We are offering many services to accommodate all who would like to join us!

Q: How will we limit attendance? A: We are asking the congregation to sign up for the services through our website: WWW.NASHVILLEUMC.NET. You’ll receive a confirmation email when you sign up and we ask you to come worship with a joyful heart. If you are unable to sign up for your first choice because the service is full, we ask that you sign up for a different service and attend with a joyful heart. Please include the total number of people attending when registering. New registrations will be available on Mondays.

Q: Do I need the printed Eventbrite ticket? A: No. You do not need the printed ticket to attend worship.

Q: What do I do if I don’t have the internet? A: Please call the church office at 252.459.7178 and we will be happy to sign you up for the service of your choosing.

Q: What if I sign up for a service and then can’t come? A: If something happens and you are unable to attend, we kindly ask that you go back to the Eventbrite confirmation email and follow the steps to cancel or call the office.

Q: Will there be cleaning in between each service? A: Yes. There will be a cleaning crew that will clean and sanitize after each service.

Q: Where will I park? A: Please use the parking lot by the Church Office (Hilliard Street) as well as the parking lot by the Bus Garage.

Q: Where should I enter the church? A: Please enter the church on the Hilliard Street side and come into the Gathering Area.

Q: Will I be greeted? A: Kira, the Director of Welcoming Ministries, and her team will be outside under a tent in the courtyard to greet you and your family.

Q: Will there be bulletins? A: Yes. There will be bulletins on a table in the Gathering Area for you to pick up on your way in to the service.

Q: Will there be coffee? A: We will not be providing coffee, but practicing BYOC. If you’re a coffee drinker, please bring your own.

Q: Will the bathrooms be open? A: Yes. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Q: Will there be nursery? A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide a safe nursery environment during this season as it is nearly impossible to practice appropriate social distancing. Please know the services will be shorter and we highly encourage you to bring your children to the services and worship together as a family unit.

Q: Will there be children’s church? A: We will not remove the children from the services for “children’s church.” However, there will still be a children’s message! Again, this is a great opportunity for families to worship together.

Q: Will there be music? A: Yes! The Traditional Services will receive special music (with no choir). The Contemporary Services will receive special music from the praise band.

Q: What about congregational singing? A: We are kindly asking for people to consider not singing along with the hymns or the praise music. This request comes from our love of neighbor as congregational singing has been shown to spread the virus more than some other aspects of worship. We are changing our entire worship service in order to be safe, but still glorify God. While this hurts our hearts, because singing is one of the ways we worship God, it is not the only way. Not singing together does not mean that we cannot worship together. Keep in mind, this is a season that will eventually end. Our church is blessed with great musicians who will glorify God in all of the services.

Q: How will offering be received? A: There will be a collection box placed near the altar. When the offering is called for, we ask that a family member come and place the offering in the collection box.

Q: Will there be passing of the peace? A: We will be passing the peace through smiles, not handshakes or hugs.

Q: Will we celebrate Holy Communion? A: Not for this short season.

Q: Will there be Altar Ministry? A: The altar is always open. Please be aware of social distancing. However, if your heart is burning to speak to a pastor, please let us know and we will meet with you privately in the parlor to abide by social distancing.

Q: What about Sunday School? A: There will not be any live, in person, Sunday school classes on Sunday mornings. We are making this decision to limit the number of people in the building due to safety reasons. However, you can meet with your group on other days by contacting the church office to reserve a room. We hope you will take advantage of Zoom or Google Hangouts as well.